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the x86 BeOS PcEngine emulator

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Download the latest release of BeGameboy ! BePcEngine Release 0.01 notes

This is the very first release of BePcEngine. It features almost all the functionnalities available in begameboy except the save/load state, and the display options (size, and scanlines). .

BePcEngine features

PcEngine Emulation
.PCE and other formats of roms
All scanline effects are supported
Start/Reset/Pause emulation
Frameskip : realtime or x1,x2,x3
Keyboard and Joystick support, with menu driven keyboard configuration
Full multithreading
15 bits windowed display
BeOS x86 R4.x
Legal information about BePcEngine

BePcEngine is actually a freeware. However, if you enjoy it, and think i have done a good work, why not rewarding me by sending me kind e-mail ?

You can contact me at: or



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Special thanks to

Zeograd(Hu-Go! author, a Dos PcEngine emulator)


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